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The Graham Family in Philadelphia

Ms. Graham, a foster and adoptive parent, believes in keeping siblings together and supports that continued bond. She had her hands full with 3 toddlers running her household, when learning another sibling who needed a foster home, she did not think twice about caring for him as well. "My heart wouldn't say no." Ms. Graham has successfully adopted other children, including a 26 year-old and 5 year-old daughter before taking this sibling group in. "Her heart is big and is beyond loving."

The Deloach Family, Philadelphia

Ms. Deloach always wanted to be a foster mother. Her grandmother took care of her and she told her when she was little that "I want to do what you do Grandma." She, by accident, took the specialized training class and was soon placed with kids with behavioral issues who'd been through many homes already. The first kid was difficult, but now she even tells her agency to give her the most challenging children -- those who have been in lots of placements, or who have been hospitalized, experienced crisis etc. With her they gain love, security, and structure. "˜You have to put yourself in their shoes. Someone did this to them, it's not their choice. They're just kids."  Ms. Deloach also works well with birth parents and says of the 2 kids going back home that she will be heartbroken but happy for them because that's the point; to give them a safe home until they can reunify with their family. She feels that being a foster parent is her purpose in life.

Mr. Pacheco from Philadelphia

Mr. Jose Pacheco is amazing! He is very involved in the birth parent relationship; they call him to thank him for the great care he provides their children. He stays connected to the families even when they return home. He is a chef, an artist and a former actor.

Ms. Issac, kinship foster mom, in Philadelphia

At age 50, Ms. Isaac was living alone without children when DHS asked her to take 2 toddlers, sons of a distant relative. Then she was asked to take their 4 older brothers. Two years later, she found herself providing permanency to all 6 brothers. Ms. Isaac understands the profound importance of the sibling bond, especially for children who have experienced abuse and neglect, and the decision to keep these boys together changed all of their lives.

Williams Family, New York

My husband and I became foster parents because we have a lot of love to give and wanted to share that. We got the placement of our boys in November 2014. They mean the world to us. It was love at first sight. Immediately, they captured our hearts. On September 11 2015, my family was complete. That was our Gottcha Day. If someone asked if I would do it again, my answer would be yes. Anyone who tells me they want children but can't , I remind them that there are many children out there waiting for the forever family.

Nykia and Erika in Philadelphia

Nykia and Erika in Philadelphia

Nykia Diaz and her partner, Erika Cruz, who already had a child together, were asked by a family friend to foster a brother and sister. Nykia and Erika instantly became mothers to their three children. They urge others to open their hearts too with so many children in the area in need. When it became apparent that the children could not reunify with their parents, we asked the kids how they would feel to have both of us adopting them and they were super excited to have two parents," Nykia said. Nykia says that if you have the home, the space and opportunity to foster, it is the gift that keeps on giving. Erika says, "It's important that we as adults open our hearts and home to these children. Giving them stability, support and love that doesn't cost much." "All you need is love to have a family, and there's no price to that," Erika said.

The Fox Family, Pennsylvania

Tamar Fox became a foster parent because of the influence of her family. Her grandfather, a Holocaust survivor was taken in by a British family and her parents acted as foster parents to two teenage Vietnamese refugees early on in their marriage. Tamar has fostered two children, one of whom she adopted. Tamar and her husband value creating an open relationship with their foster children's parents to help facilitate reunification and support the youth and family.

David and Jackie in Iowa

We became licensed foster parents 15 years ago and have welcomed more than 20 teenage boys into our home. We enjoy fostering older youth to help them take their first steps into adulthood, whether they're setting up their first bank account, finding a job or apartment, or walking across the stage at their high school graduation. We foster because it gives the kids the tools they need to succeed. You have to be a strong person to foster. But once you see one of the kids succeed, it'll bring tears to your eyes and it's all worth it.