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The McCoy Family in Georgia

The McCoy Family in Georgia

My husband and I have had an exceptional experience as foster parents. One of the things we love about being foster parents is the impact on a child's life that we get to have. Being able to change the circumstances of a child's life to us is a gift.

Carl and Melissa in Ohio

I got inspired to foster because I have always been one that tends to protect. Now that my biological kids are grown, I'm not ready for an empty nest and what better way to give back?

Jon and Heather in New York

My husband and I had talked for awhile about becoming foster parents. We didn't really know what to expect when we began our certification class, and never imagined having a child placed with us just 8 days after being certified. Our little man is still with us after 13 months! It has been a roller coaster of emotions but we are so happy to be a part of this!

The Goldens, Ohio

We love fostering because we like seeing the change in the kids and knowing we have given them a safe place when they were the most vulnerable. The kids come into care scared, tired, hungry and leave happy healthy kids. It is exciting seeing them reunify with family and knowing that you played an important part of their lives. We have been fostering for three and a half years and have opened our home to 10 kids. We wouldn't change it for anything.

Foster Family in Houston

I am a foster parent who has adopted 7 children. I lost my 84 year old Great Aunt, I took care of her, I had a empty hole in my heart and felt this love could be placed elsewhere. I have one son and love children so I felt I needed the love and I knew in fostering my love would be returned and it is and was. As human we seek love and it works on both ends we give and we get love in return. As the children grow and achieve their goals the joy you receive is insurmountable. My heart is full no empty hole, and I thank God and he blesses me.

Mabary Family in Missouri

Mabary Family in Missouri

It is nearly overwhelming to look back at photos chronicling a child's time in our care. Inevitably the child in the pictures at the beginning is heartbreaking. Without fail they appear terrified, exhausted, dark circles under their eyes, no smile. As time goes on and they become comfortable their personality comes out more, their eyes brighten, and their smile lights up the frame. And to have the privilege to watch that transition happen in real time, to help that child feel like a kid again has been the greatest honor.

Shelby Kilgore

As an adoptee filmmaker, I have felt so fortunate to meet so many wonderful foster parents, who have been brave enough to help share their story with me.